You can configure Snipcart for Statamic with the configuration options outlined below.


Set the currency, length, and weight units for each Statamic site. The units will be converted from a product's root entry in a multi-site setup.

Supported currencies: ISO 4217 letter codes supported by Snipcart, eg. USD or EUR Supported length units: cm, m, in, ft Supported weight units: g, kg, oz, lb

'sites' => [

    'english' => [
        'currency' => 'USD',
        'length' => 'in',
        'weight' => 'oz',
    'german' => [
        'currency' => 'EUR',
        'length' => 'cm',
        'weight' => 'g',

Make sure to keep the sites in sync with your Statamic sites. You can do so by running the sync-sites command.

Collections & Taxonomies

Configure your product collections and taxonomies.

'products' => [
        'collection' => 'games',
        'taxonomies' => ['genres'],
        'collection' => 'movies',
        'taxonomies' => ['genres', 'directors'],

Snipcart API Keys

Your Snipcart API Keys for the Live and Test Environment.

'live_key' => env('SNIPCART_LIVE_KEY'),
'live_secret' => env('SNIPCART_LIVE_SECRET'),

'test_key' => env('SNIPCART_TEST_KEY'),
'test_secret' => env('SNIPCART_TEST_SECRET'),

Test Mode

Set this to false to start processing real transactions. You probably want to do this in production only.

'test_mode' => env('SNIPCART_TEST_MODE', true),

Snipcart Settings

Configure any settings you want to apply to the Snipcart script. Make sure to set the keys exactly as documented, e.g., LoadCSS. All available settings.

'snipcart_settings' => [
    'version' => '3.5.0',
    'loadStrategy' => 'on-user-interaction',

Cart Image

Define a Glide preset to be applied to the product image in the cart. You may also turn the manipulation off (not recommended).

'image' => [
    'manipulation' => true,
    'preset' => ['w' => 240, 'q' => 75],

Snipcart API Cache Lifetime

Define the cache lifetime of Snipcart API responses in seconds. The API is used for things like fetching the stock of a product.

'api_cache_lifetime' => 3600,

Snipcart Webhook Route

Define the route where the Snipcart webhook requests will be sent to. Don't forget to add this URL in your Snipcart Dashboard. Set this to null to remove the route.

'webhook' => 'webhooks/snipcart',

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